What your kids should know before starting preschool

Preschool or nursery school is an important part of a kids’ life where they learn everything from scratch. Preschool provide an environment where kids’ learn and prepares themselves for their coming life. But before admitting any kid to a nursery school, there are certain crucial points to be taught before playschool admission.

What your kids should know before starting preschool

Few important things that can be considered before admitting your child to nursery:

Self-care for Preschool

Self Care is very important that you should teach to a kid before admitting to the Preschool. As parents, are not going to be with them all the time, they must teach their kids to take care of themselves. You should teach self-care things include maintaining hygiene and potty training.

Teach your kid about self-care things including washing hands before and after eating, toilet by himself, using napkins after eating, and so on. As this not only make them hygiene-conscious it will also helps them develop better habit and manners.

Self-eating practice for Preschool

When in the home the kids rarely eats on their own. They are always accompanied by any one of the parents for eating. Now, since they will start going to preschool, one should stop these things, and make them eat on their own, because on school premises, they have to eat on their own.

Parents should teach about opening zipper bags, canned foods, and similar packages. If a kid is eating meals in school, he should know how to use fork and spoon to grab their food. This will be helpful in developing table manners also for a kid.What your kids should know before starting preschool


Teaching about social skills for Preschool

Apart from teaching home-based skills, you should teach your kid about the outside life. Social skills like teaching them how to interact with others, being friendly with everyone, and so on. Doing this not only improve their social skill but also will make them confident while talking to new faces.

Basic knowledge for Preschool

Before admitting your kid to a school, you should introduce basics of education like writing and spelling their name, parent’s names, reciting alphabets and numbers.


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