Top 5 questions Asked to Parents during Preschool Interview

The parents admit their children to start their education from the preschool. The admission procedure is quite simple. Other than that the parents are asked questions regarding their children.For parents who want to do some research on these questions, before going for an interview at preschool, here are some sample questions which are generally asked.


The preschool wants to clear out any complications in the future with the parents and make their policies understood by the parents. Hence, the preschool finds it important to have an interview with the parents along with their kid.


Questions related to future development

How do you expect your child to grow up? Do you have any future plans for the child?

Parents are generally asked this question. The preschool would be able to guide the children in that particular field if the parents have specific future ideas for their kids in mind.

Parents’ details

If you are a working parent, then give us details regarding your work and workplace.

The preschool asks the parents’ details to learn about each parent jobs.

Any medical problems

Is your child suffering from some kind of medical condition?

If your kid has some problems due to medical issues then you should tell the preschool so they would be able to handle it if anything comes

Dealing with the child

How do you deal with your child when he throws tantrums?

Knowing this might help the preschool to know how they should deal with their kids’ tantrums.

Habits and learning process

How did you teach your child to read? Does your child have some kind of particular habit?

It becomes easier for the teachers if they know of the kids’ way of learning things. Like how did the parents teach the kid to read or write or recite a poem? So they could follow the same line of the method.

The main objective of the interview is to know about the child. By getting a clear picture of the children’ background, the school could provide them with the suitable environment in the preschool. Play school plays an important role preparing the children for further academic and social development of the kids. So, when they completely learn about what kind of environment the child lives in they could teach the child accordingly. And they would take more specific care of the child if they have some medical problems.


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