Teach Alphabet to your Preschooler

Your kid has started his preschool and you are also your kid’s teacher for teaching him basic education like alphabets and numbers. No mother can be only dependent to preschool teacher for their kid’s basic preschool education and I am sure each mother is interested in teaching to their darling preschool kid. But question is how? How we can teach alphabets to our preschool kids with help of fun activities and how you can make learning an enjoyable activity by your kid?

Here’s the solution to these question – I am telling here some activities with can be done at home with some items:-


Alphabet Moulds – Now a days, companies are selling alphabet molds, you can make delicious cookies in shape of alphabets & serve to your preschool kid and by this way fun and learning both will be combined.

Alphabet Magnets – There are many type of small, medium alphabet magnets are available in market, you can buy them. You can put these alphabet magnets to fridge. While you are working in kitchen, you preschool kid can enjoy learning of alphabets by rearranging them.

Alphabet Mazes Prints – When you kid has started recognizing alphabets, then download some alphabets mazes prints from internet, print them and tell your preschool kid to solve them, it is really good activity to keep busy your child with alphabets learning.

Alphabet Puzzles – Alphabet puzzles are also good option to teach your preschool kid Alphabet. Buy some alphabet puzzles & alphabet books from market.

Alphabets Cuttings – Buy some A4 size paper from market and cut large shapes of alphabets and color them. Do not hurry up; daily teach a single letter to your preschool kid. After completing all alphabet letters wove them with thread one by one in sequel and hang up on wall in your kid’s room or activity area.

Alphabet Typewriter – Kids have many toys, one toy of them can be ‘Alphabet type writer’, buy it from market and let your kid enjoy alphabet while playing. You can teach your kid alphabet by pressing each key and pronouncing it again and again.


No doubt at age of 2 or 3, may be your preschool kid won’t respond well to your teaching. But don’t worry, if your kid show interest, then move on teaching, if not, then let him/her play, do not force your kid to learn. Above given activities will help your preschool kid getting familiar with words which at taught to him/her at school.


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  1. anurag sinha
    Basic education start from the alphabets and they can learn it only from the play school. At the same time child will learn about the basic things like body parts name and at home, parents will play with their children’s like “Where is mummy’s nose? Where is father's head? Where is father chin? and they will start learning with smile and fun

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