Should Play Schools Have A Uniform Dress Code?

Every now and then, we have heard of long debates and discussions as to whether or not play schools should have a compulsory uniform code of dress for kids or not. Some parents agree to have a uniform dress code even for play schools, while others choose the opposite. They believe that as little kids, our children should be allowed to wear a comfortable dress of their choice rather than subjecting them to a typical school uniform at such an early stage. Here are a few points in favour of and against the whole question of having a uniform dress code for kids in play schools:

Uniform Dress Code in play schools

The pros of a uniform dress code:

It eases out the pressure on parents to buy expensive branded clothes for their kids. Why most parents are in favour of having a uniform dress code in play schools is because it does not make much sense to buy new branded and expensive clothes for your kid in his growing years every couple of months only so he can look good and well off in school. Apart from this, it adds a lot of economic and social burden on families that may not be very well off and there would also be this negative competition and judgement amongst kids themselves regarding their fellow classmates depending upon the clothes that they wear or possibly repeat in a week.

Uniform Dress Code for every child

It also brings out a uniformity in dressing and as kids, children learn the importance of a formal uniform right at this age and there is no chance of inappropriate dressing also. Besides, a school is a formal place and having all kids dressed in a similar uniform makes much more sense.

It is also convenient for most working parents if play schools have a specific uniform since it becomes easier for them to arrange the next day’s uniform well in advance instead of trying to figure out what the kid shall wear.

The cons:

The downside of having a mandatory uniform dress code for play schools is that children are forced to wear monotonous colour tones every day.

Uniform Dress Code makes all same

In some cases, school uniform can be expensive since there is a need to buy uniform socks, shoes, sports dresses, at least 2 sets of shirts and trousers or skirts which the kid can’t even use otherwise out of school.



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