How to Set Up a Preschool Classroom?


Preschool classrooms have to be designed keeping a few things in mind. The most basic three parameters are the need for them to be safe, educational and interesting for the kids. It is very important that a preschool classroom is a fun place and hence setting up preschool needs to keep the below-mentioned things in mind.


  • First and foremost work on the interiors of the classroom. You will have to ensure that the colors you pick up are bright. You can also use a theme like stars on the ceiling or pirates to make the décor look interesting.
  • Divide the classroom into separate corners. One corner would be about keeping all the toys and activity things you would need for your teaching. Another could have the story and activity books that kids can themselves pick up.
  • Keep one side corner hidden where you could keep all the stuff which you would need for occasional study days. These could include things like puppets, theater costumes etc.
  • On the walls install big boards which can be used for setting up charts of regular study information like alphabets, numbers etc. Apart from that, you could also have an art section where whiteboards are kept which kids can use to practice their drawing skills.
  • Set up one particular place which will house your seat and all the supplies which you need regularly. These would include notebooks, papers, and art related items. You may also keep a few candies and chocolates in case you have to please an upset child.
  • There should also be a specific area devoted to where the child will have their lunch and circle time. This place needs to be in a corner and should consist of a big table with many chairs.
  • Finally, you need to set up a drinking water dispenser and a place to wash hands in the room. This could be near the teacher’s seat as she will be able to help the child in case he is having any problem in using the same.

Ensure that the classroom not very cluttered as children will tend to get hurt in the process of looking for things. If there is a space constraint put only the regular items but make sure they are organized well.


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