How does School’s Environment Effects Child’s Growth


Your child’s future depend upon the education and environment he receives in his early years of growth and development. The growing years are his most impressionable years and whatever his brain absorbs during this time, shall stay there forever. Which is why, it is of crucial importance that while picking a play school in Gurgaon or a play school in South Delhi, you make sure you don’t just go with the brand name but also focus on the environment of the play school. The play school’s environment will have a huge influence on your kid’s cognition, so you must choose it very wisely.

Cities like Noida, Gurgaon, Dwarka all boast of fancy play schools with over the top infrastructure facilities for kids and their enjoyment and academics but you need to look into all the details of these schools before making a final decision. It is after all the question of your child’s safety, growth and future.

For instance, if you are looking at a play school in Gurgaon, you need to focus specially on the location of the school and the security arrangements that they have for your kids. Your child will spend at least 4 to 6 hours in his play school. It should be suitably situated and the safety arrangements should be up to the mark.


Further, if you are looking for a play school in South Delhi, you must make sure that the school is not very close to the metro stations or other crowded places since it may compromise on your child’s safety. However, the play school should also not be in a very isolated location.

The environment of the play school, the teacher’s attitude, the behaviour of the nursing staff and the security guards’ attitude towards their jobs reflects a lot about what kind of atmosphere your kid will learn and grow up in. be sure of picking a school that has a positive and friendly environment so that there is no discomfort to your child at school.

For detailed information about the school’s infrastructure, you can look up the play school website and then visit the school and interact with the faculty and the staff and then make a final call.

If you have any other suggestions that parents must take care of while picking a play school, do share.


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  1. Kajal desai
    There is lot dependent on School environment and I believe the complete personality of an individual develops through Schooling. When I see myself today, I pay lot of tribute to my schooL- DAV, Dwarka

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