Are You Looking For Best Play School Near You?

best-play-school-near-meI am a mother of two daughters and I have been looking for play schools near me, for some time. When my elder daughter turned 2.5 years old, I felt an unusual pressure from my friends and family to get her admitted in a good play school. I kept wondering what a good play school actually means. I had always known only a few play schools near me, which have a very good brand value and are known since a very long time. I had no clue how to find out about schools and their facilities.

While looking for play schools near me, I realized how difficult it is for parents to get their child admitted in school. I had to face a lot of difficulties like-

  • Going from one school to another
  • Keep waiting at the reception of the school
  • Not receiving proper information
  • Travelling long distances to reach a school
  • No update or notification from the school

Eventually, I applied to a few play schools; these were the nursery wings of the big day schools. After filling the applications I expected prompt replies from the school near me, which I never received. I thought all the processes would be smooth, but my expectation was absolutely proven wrong. I even faced rejection and dismissals from many schools. Some problems which I faced after filling applications are-

  • No reply if school is contacted
  • No notification on the first list for admissions
  • No explanation or answer for being rejected
  • Lack of transparency in admission process

I was absolutely disappointed by school’s conduct and felt hopeless for my daughter’s admission. Going through all the bad experiences, I restarted my search for best play schools near my house. I looked at my daughter’s interests first and then went through all the facilities and services a school could provide. I scanned area near me and went for schools according to the provisions. Now, I know how important it is to check for facilities of the school. My daughter is extremely interested in art and craft activities, so I finally opted for a school with good creative room and teachers who talented enough.

I feel that I am a happy mother, that I admitted my daughter in appropriate play school nearby me. She is having a good time and she keeps showing me her artwork. I would have regretted admitting her in a big day school; there she might not have received so much love and attention. Now, I know about each play school near me, I can also guide other parents about choosing play school. Hope you have a good experience and a good time while looking admitting your child.





  2 comments for “Are You Looking For Best Play School Near You?

  1. jyoti arya
    Play school is an initial stage for every child
  2. aparna sen
    Mostly parents are having the preference to go with with the play school which will be near either by their home or the workplace and their thinking is quite valid as most of the parents prefer to go with the creche facility as well so that proper care will be given to their little ones. Nowadays playschool providing the same amenities that every parent are looking for

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