10 crucial points that children should be taught before play school admission


Toddlers these days are sent to a play school at a tender age of 2 or more. Most of them till that time are so attached to their parents that their initial days of school are spent in crying or facing separation pangs. However, if we teach the child some basic things before he starts his schooling the whole process won’t be as tough.


  • Teaching him some basic manners. These include things like saying thank you, sorry, please Good morning etc.
  • A good habits reminder. When your child goes to a playschool he will have to do a lot of things which include eating lunch on his own, managing his stuff and sharing toys with others. It’s best to start early.
  • A growing child picks up things quickly so this is also the apt time to teach him to be cordial with others. Teach him how to answer basic questions like name and his hobbies, habits etc.
  • You will have to make him understand the whole concept of a playschool and the purpose why he is being sent there.
  • There are certain moral values which only parents can teach. Make him learn how to be respectful and listen to his teachers as teachers play special role in Kid’s future.
  • You need to tell your child how to be responsible enough for his actions. If your child has a habit of temper tantrums it is time to make him understand that this is not the best way to get things done.
  • If possible try and give your child a feel of the school even before he starts formally. This can be done by having a table, chair and some activity books which he can practice every day.
  • It is best to encourage your child to play to his full as that is how he is going to learn things in school. Encourage him to take part in all activities.
  • You should also instill in your child the desire to learn as that is how he will be able to grasp the information that he will be exposed to.
  • Regular cleanliness tips like using a handkerchief and using toilet should also be taught to the child to make the shift from home to school easier.

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