Top 10 Schools of Central Delhi


Many Parents look for Schools in Central Delhi. Being the center of Delhi, all the major locality have similar amount of distance from school located in Central Delhi. Many Best Schools in Delhi are located in Central Delhi only. For Parents, To make it easier here is the list of Top Schools of Central Delhi:

1. Sanskriti School, Chanakya Puri: Sanskriti School Chanakyapuri is one of the best schools in central delhi. From the Infrastructure of school to Teaching Faculty of the school, Sanskriti School has bagged a 5 star rating and school reviews by Parents. Apart from all this, Sanskriti School Chankyapuri has got an Amphitheatre which is the nerve of the school. It can gather around 600 people around a circular stage. So, If You are looking for a school which focuses both on Academics & Co-curricular activity, Sanskriti is recommended.
sanskriti-school2. Modern School, Barakhamba road: Modern School Barakhamba Road is serving with quality education since its establishment in year 1920. Modern School is very famous institution for imparting good education to children over the years. A child is said to be a master of English if he has passed out from Modern School Barakhamba Road.
modern-school-barakhamba-road3. Springdales School, Pusa Road: At Springdales School Pusa Road, Education is served as learning experience for the students. Turning lectures into practical education, Springdales School has topped the list of Best Day Schools in Delhi. Being located adjacent to Ramjas School Pusa Road, The school always wins if it is about competition.
springdales-school4. Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, Lodhi Road: The school offers many special programmes which make Sardar Patel Vidyalaya Lodhi Road, A hub for special education starting from Theatre Programmes to Academic Events.

5. Mount Carmel , Anand Niketan: Mount Carmel Anand Niketan has been departed into 2 sections: Junior School which is located in the D Block of Anand Niketan which houses students from Nursery to Class III. The senior section is located in A Block from Classes IV to XII. Mount Carmel has been able to deliver National and even International Players which directly explains the Sports focus of the school.
mount-carmel-school-0-anand-niketan-new-delhi6. St. Columba’s School , Gole Market ( Only for Boys, Entry level is KG): A school which follows Christianity as a part of their curriculum has best teaching faculty out of many Best Schools in Delhi. The entry level for this school is from KG and is only for Boys. Hence, Nursery School Admission is of no possibility for parents.

columbus7. Convent of Jesus and Mary, Bangla Sahib Marg (Only for girls, Entry level is KG): CJM is the one of the Best CBSE Schools in Delhi. The school is recognized by Delhi Administration. Convent of Jesus and Mary focuses on both Physical and Mental development of the children.
convent-of-jesus-and-mary8. Carmel Convent School (Only for Girls, Entry level is KG): As the school open its doors only for girls, It explains the theme of imparting strong education to girls. Again, The Carmel Convent School has an entry level starting from KG. The school has been inspired by the norms of Christ and Follows Christianity strongly.

9. St. Thomas’ School, Mandir Marg (Only for Girls): An English Missionary School founded in 1930 is located at the most searched location of Central Delhi that is Mandir Marg Karol Bagh. St. Thomas’ school is dedicated towards providing education to girls and is recognized by department of education.
st-thomas-school10. Delhi Public School, Mathura Road: Delhi Public School Mathura Road speaks by its name itself! The school has maintained decorum of providing disciplined education to its children. DPS Fee Structure is confined to quarterly basis as well. Parents looking for Nursery School Admission can surely go for this school.


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  1. Raahul Dhillon
    Top 5? Is it about the money that they have spent on marketing or projecting their school or because of the connection that they have? Out of the options that we have, Modern School Brakhamba is the best because the faculty is vigilant. Faculty is always on the lookout for interventions which would benefit or add value to the kids they have at school. As an organization, we would say that Modern School Barakhamba is the best because they spend time to evaluate learning interventions for the betterment of the pupils that they have in School. If we talk of the gatekeepers, Modern School has the best gatekeepers. They wouldn't forward mail of a marketeer to the Principal if they are not convinced. However, there is a difference in the mental capacity of gatekeepers as well. On the top of it, they don't even entertain emails at all. There is an auto-response that please courier us your concern whatsoever it is. However, the faculty is vigilant. They are concerned. A School is just another School if it doesn't have true educators. We can't guarantee that every teacher at Modern School is a true educator but we can surely vouch for the senior teachers out of our personal experience. Marketeers like us truly despise gatekeepers. And we hate the gatekeepers at Modern school Barakhamba. However, it's not about business. It's about about our kids. It's about our future. Also, I must also clarify that we still haven't got any business from Modern School Barakhamba neither we are dying for. However, what is true, is true. If only we add value as a marketeer, something which is not available otherwise or is not there in the education system, we wouldn't be entertained. As plain as a pike staff! Learn about readmyscript program if you are so concerned or critical. Raahul Dhillon, 9690532370, sbw r&d.
  2. Sunil Ray
    That was a great article. has updated admission details which is very useful .

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