Should Twins be in the same class?

Having twins doubles the joy of becoming parents however the trouble also doubles when it is time to get their nursery school admission done. With no transparency and so much complexity between private schools and Delhi Government, things are a bit too tough for the parents. Should Twins be in the same class?

Twins be in the same class

Having twins in the same class is right

Nursery school admission is that time in every parent’s life when they take that big step where their children taste the first step of independence. Keeping aside the troubles in getting your child’s nursery school admission done, all goes well from there on. Parents have their own set of apprehensions in case they happen to have twins i.e. at times, it becomes difficult to arrive at a decision whether should their twins be in the same class or not?

Every nursery school has its own set of policies to be followed and even, at times, in case you want your twins to be in the same class, the nursery school won’t allow so.

Let us have a look on few points to be considered whether your twins should be in the same class or not:

Twins be in the same class

  • Consistency in educational journey – They have been together even before they were born; they find comfort in each other’s company so in case of the nursery school permits then it is better for a consistent educational experience that they stay in the same class.
  • Convenience of the family and school – Having twins in the same class makes it comfortable for both parents as well as school staff to get them settled and comprehend with the system well however at times, the situation can be just opposite wherein the nursery school does not allow them to be together in the same class for their overall growth and development.
  • The level of interdependence – In case the twins are too much attached to each other and are kind of interdependent then it is better for the nursery school to accommodate them in the same class in order to avoid any emotional trauma that might crop up.
  • Options available – In case there is no option available as per nursery school policies then having them either in separate classes or the same one is a matter of discretion with the nursery school itself.

When the time comes, all will itself fall in place even after troubling you for some time so relax and think wisely. So stop worrying over whether should your twins be in the same class or not.




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