Nursery admissions: Government school v/s Public school


When it comes to our kids’ education, as parents we always seek to find the options for them, especially for their nursery school admission since it is during preschool that the kids will learn how to interact with other kids, elders, the basics of alphabets and numbers, colors, animals, shapes, sizes and all the other fundamentals that they shall need at a later stage in their life.

And if there is one thing that I have learned as a parent of two kids in different age groups, then it is the fact that getting one’s child admitted to a higher school is way easier than securing a nursery school admission for the younger one. It is one the singular most prime challenges to find admission for your kids in a good nursery school in Gurgaon or for that matter, even nursery admission in Delhi is equally perplexing.

And more often than not, we also have to think about the expenses of the preschool. Nursery school admission comes with a lot of charges and expense other than the school tuition fees. It requires you to purchase uniforms, shoes, tracks shoes. P.T. dresses, craft materials, fancy dress costumes, fancy bags and stationary items for your kids and a lot more since securing admission in nursery schools in Gurgaon is one thing and matching up to their style and standard of education quite another. With Smart classes and International Board programs and syllabus in every school, the expenses to match up to the kid’s everyday activities are pretty decently high.


This is why for their kids’ primary pre-school education, most parents these days are preferring the government-run preschools over these private setups since it costs less and well the basics of preschool training are more or less the same just about everywhere. I mean, no school will teach your kid the wrong alphabets or numbers and there will surely be lots of fun activities, a little less as compared to the ultra modern ones in private schools but surely there. Besides, there will be a basic uniform and set of shoes for all kids’ activities since government schools have to offer education to all sections of people.


The government-private debate for preschool should largely revolve around the expenses that you can afford for your kid’s nursery school admission.




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