Facing the Nursery Admissions Agony

Nursery Admissions Agony

One of the most daunting tasks for parents in today’s world, especially when their kids reach nursery admission age, is to get their child admitted into a “good” school. With increasing population, the number of schools has also mushroomed but is still not able to cope up with the ever increasing demand of more and more parents wanting only the best education benefits for their kids. So, it’s no small wonder that the word “admissions” has become synonymous with nightmares. Surely, it is viewed by parents as half the battle won when the basic need is met regarding their child’s nursery admission. Here is the tips set to overcome the Nursery Admissions Agony.

How to manage this huge gap of demand and supply? How to manage the huge gap between the kids coming from different strata of the society? Will it ever be possible to remove this gap?  

With the onset of admission season, most parents sweat it out to secure admissions for their juniors. With the increasing fees of the prospectus, nursery admission forms and the process, the budget too gets shaken up. Not only this, most parents are still not able to get their kids in the nursery schools of their choice as most popular schools are located in certain pockets of the city that are far off from their residences.

Owing to the complex system, many one stop services have come up to distress parents and there has been an influx of web portals aiming to help parents prepare and develop a strategy. Such customized solutions help you find the right school for your kid and smoothen up the admission process. Such portals help you at
every stage of your kid’s nursery school admission and also provide school report through emails. Also, some help lines have been launched in order to bring parents some respite from running from pillar to post for getting exact information just as what is available for universities.

All this is aimed at streamlining the process and help parents avoid facing distressing hours. The admission process and its over-the-top burden not only adds misery to the parents but also hampers the kid’s development due to the pressure of being able to seek a seat in a school. It’s worse for those parents who are not well-educated or confident as their child have to suffer the consequences of not being able to study in a good school.

Keeping all the hassles in mind associated with the admission process, all that can be said is- No wonder nursery admissions are no child’s play. Under the circumstances, it helps to get help from all external quarters. Have you been reliant on any such help line for your child’s nursery admission? Do let us know in the comments below. 


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  1. Rashmi gupta
    Seriously, it is really difficult, I still remember last year when I and my husband have to admit our Son. The big queues and long application processing time really frustrated us. I believe the neighborhood policy by Delhi Government will help in some way.

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