Checklist to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Upcoming Nursery Admissions


Nursery school admission is no child’s play. It can give you sleepless nights and add on to the stress levels terribly. If you happen to be in Delhi NCR, then the situation worsens all the more where the total number of applications are almost triple of the actual nursery school seats available.

Be proactive, explore and gather what you need

With the nursery admission season approaching near, the parents are already on the go to figure out the best nursery schools in Delhi or maybe the best ones in Gurgaon or Noida. Here is a checklist of what you need to know, explore and gather information about. Moreover better is to have everything handy with a checklist in your hands. The nursery school admission guidelines are to be released soon, however parents should not sit idle waiting for the guidelines to be declared.

  • Be prepared with all the relevant documents in advance. The list of documents generally remains the same every year so you can take reference from last year’s nursery school admission requirements
  • Have the pictures clicked for the child, you and your spouse since it is mandatory in each and every nursery school
  • Take advice from your child’s pre-nursery school as well since they are a part of the education system and they might be able to guide you through the whole admission process.
  • Check out last year’s nursery admission criteria:
  1. The point allocation system – every nursery school assigns different points to the parameters set for admission so gather information about them
    Nursery admissions
  2. Be aware of the distance between the shortlisted nursery schools to your home since it holds good marks from the total marks
  • Check out the quota seats in the school along with the entire seat allocation according to category since that would serve as a decisive factor for you
  • If you belong to any concessional category, then keep the required nursery documents ready since they would be the first requirement for you.
  • Nursery schools ask you to fill long nursery admission forms, so try to find out the last year forms so that you can be prepared with the answers

The list is long and a lot is to be done. Nursery admission in Delhi has become a matter of high concern with the number of applications rising many folds every year. So, do not wait and start preparing today.


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  1. kamya joshi
    One of the toughest time not only for the parents but also for the child to adapt the new environment. As it's quite a good idea to create the checklist before directly go for the admission. Nowadays it is a little bit easier to got all the information on the website so that parents will go to the school premises with the needed document.

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