Reasons Why Your Kid Should Learn Foreign Language?


Learning a foreign language, as a recent concept, has taken the world by storm. It is interesting to note how more and more parents are enrolling their students in schools that teach foreign languages to their students. Some Indian schools have started introducing their students to foreign languages in primary school only. French, Spanish, German, Chinese and the list goes on and on. Why is the concept of learning a foreign language gaining a lot of momentum?

Cultural awareness of others

A child cannot learn a foreign language without being familiar with its culture. Students learning a foreign language are more sensitive to the people of other nationalities because they know that every country has a different culture that needs to be respected. Moreover, it makes one proud of their culture.


It is good for their brain development

An average person uses only 10% of his brain during his lifetime. Learning a foreign language, however, increases that by a significant amount which encourages the child to use his brain more frequently.

It opens doors to a host of opportunities

Learning a foreign language definitely gives your child an edge over others. He can travel to so many countries and speak to as many people as possible. There are no more language barriers to make him feel alienated from a particular part of the world. It also broadens his horizon and makes him feel more inclusive.

Hello in Different Languages

Hello in Different Languages

Crucial for personality development

Who doesn’t admire a person proficient in more than one language? Speaking a foreign language helps in the overall personality development by overcoming the problem of shyness. Such children are never at loss of words. They have a plethora of experiences to share with everyone. It definitely adds a tinge of smartness to their personality.


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  1. sudha chandra
    Age is just a number, we can start learning whenever we want. So as far as foreign language is concerned there must be no specific reason to learn its just simply a "learning" for the skill set for the future endeavor.

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