Inculcating traditional values



Parenting is not a 9-5 job; it demands much more than 24 hours per day. A lot has changed over the years for good and bad both. If it is to be believed, then the children these days are more deprived of the natural things that we have had experienced in our childhood. The mostly affected areas are the ones which have been completely urbanized and the latest trends rule. All the traditional values and conventional means have been long buried under the burden of urbanization. Blaming all on the external development would be wrong since we ourselves are also responsible for a lot that our children are deprived of – most significantly the normal childhood.


Most of the parents stay concerned about their rights and forget about their responsibilities. Any and every child’s first school is home so parents happen to be their first teacher. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that the right set of traditional values, morals and ethics are inculcated into their children. You know your values well and that is what your child should be aware of. Staying in a modern world does not mean that you forget about your roots. Trust me, this will affect you on the first hand when time comes.


A kid who has been brought up in an all modern world but is still not short on the traditional values part will go places in his/her life because the traditional values gained in the early years stay until the end. The kids become prepared to face the hardships and not fly high unnecessarily even if he/she is wrong. It is important to stay grounded even if you win because the true spirit is in enjoying the victory but not insulting the one who lost. You never know when you will be standing at the other side.



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  1. Pallavi mishra
    Yes v.well said parenting is all about involvement in each and every step they take. First, we should teach the value of our Indian tradition which is only a matter of belief. It's just simply all about the values.

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