How to Protect your Kids from Weight Problems

Weight problems in kids are a genuine issue now days. As the little ones grow, it becomes little difficult for the parents to ensure their proper weight as well as height maintenance. Moreover, during the child’s
growing age it is very important that they have a healthy weight and it is the duty of parents to take care that how the child’s weight shall be determined.

Well, in order to protect the kids from weight problems, BMI or Body Mass Index can be a great help and at the same time help your child maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Meaning of BMI

BMI refers to the fat content in the body and checking for BMI lets you know whether your child has a any kind risk of developing health problem in near future. With the help of Body Mass Index, you can very easily
know the exact weight as well as height of your child. Although, we cannot say that it directly gives you the fat measurement in the little one’s body but it lets you calculate the fat present in the body. Since, it is not very costly and at the same time an easily performed method, therefore, it is considered the best alternative to measure body fat.

BMI for Kids

If you want to know what weight problems can occur in your body, BMI can be used as a screening tool for the same. This method can be used with a child right from the age of 2. Based on the weight as well as height of the tod, the calculation is done. With kids differing in age and gender, the BMI process gets little complex. The percentage of BMI is categorized on the basis of weight, and you can make out that in which category your kid falls, underweight, healthy weight, obese, or overweight.

With the help of BMI, you can first figure out what weight problems your child may suffer or is suffering and then accordingly you can find a solution for the same. Seeking expert’s advice would be a good idea to go for.


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