Five Must Asked Questions from Child When He Comes Back From School

Mother sending son off to school at bus stop

If your child is a preschooler or goes to a daycare, then you may be worried about his school time. You must know that how your child is spending his day in his school and ensure that he is happy and not going through any problem. The most common question that we moms ask our children is “How was your day in the school?” The Same question will always have the same answer every day and will not give any explanation of the day. The Most common answer of this most common question is Yes or No since children do not know how to group and explain the information exactly.

Ask following questions to your kids to know their day long happenings:

What made you laugh?

If your child is happy in his school then he or she will love to go to his school. The answer to this question can also ensure that your child is happy at his school and is doing well there.  Sharing of funny happenings in school will strengthen the bond between both of you and encourage your child to share his most amusing moments with you.

Which topic did you share with your friends during lunch break?

To know about the company of your child, which he shares in school you can ask this question to him. Lunchtime conversational topics may let you know about his friends and the knowledge which they are accumulating.

Any bad word heard?

Nowadays kids are exposed to a lot of bad words either through movies, music and their mates. Since children usually repeat the words, which they hear and try to copy both good and bad words. They even are not able to differentiate between them and you being a parent are responsible for correcting them. If you will know it timely then you can easily correct them.

What will your teacher disclose in this weekend PTM?

This is an amazing and most interesting way to know is your child doing good in his class? He will try to give you most honest and exact reply of this question and you will come to know that is he on right track or not.


What was the best part of Today?

In this way, you can know that which subject your child like the most. Is he interested in sports or academics? If your child answers that he only liked the lunch break, then it may indicate that your child is not happy in his school and is struggling there only.


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