ABC of Traffic Rules

Traffic Rules

The traffic rules are one of the mandatory things. Every kid should know the rules. It becomes even more important if you are living in India. The huge population and crowded roads are surely not safe for any kid. So, get ready to teach your kid about the ABC of traffic rules. The ABC stands for – Awareness, Behavior and Choice & Campaigns.


The first step that kids should be taught, is Awareness. Kids above the age of 2 years can be made to learn this thing. Awareness means, the knowledge about how many people gets hurt because of the accident on road. It also includes informing kids about the wrong habits such as over speeding vehicle, texting over the phone while walking on the road, drunk and driving cases and much more. The more the kid is aware, the more he’ll be safe in future.


The practical knowledge and understanding of road safety are very necessary. This is the next step that you have to teach to your kid. In this phase, firstly child should be made aware of the road signs and road names. It includes zebra crossing, bridge and much more. Another important thing to be taught is that Kids should never be allowed to go on roads alone. For at least up to 4 years of age, they should be made known that they have to take some adult with them.

Choice & Campaigns

The right choices shall be made to stay safe in traffic, one way is to go for safety equipment. Children should always wear helmet, elbow and knee guards while cycling. Another thing is the Campaigns, the more a kid takes part in road safety campaigns, the more he’ll learn and explore about traffic rules. So, kids should be encouraged to take part in road safety campaigns or related stuff.

Traffic Rules

So, these were some of the important ways to nurture the good habit of Road safety. You can help them in learning traffic rules in an effective way. Cheers!


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  1. Pallavi mishra
    "We must follow the traffic rules whether we are in a hurry or not" At the present time, almost each and every person are in a hurry or rush to reach their destination in no time and they break all the traffic rules whether red light or not wearing the helmet or sometimes accident occur.

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