Why My Toddler Is Not Eating Meal Properly?

It is just about every parent’s concern that their toddler is not Eating meal properly and especially when our kids are growing up, any changes in their appetite and eating habits can cause a lot of stress to mothers, especially if he or she is your first kid. Your toddler may eat less at times and may also have developed a taste for certain food groups and distaste for certain others. My son, for example, used to love mashed apples and bananas in his cereal as a baby and as he grew up, he developed the distaste for bananas for no explained reason whatsoever, which is perfectly normal in kids. Maybe his friends do not like that fruit or maybe he just does not like yellow, but, kids they are and there are mysteries about them that we cannot possibly discover in our limited parental capacities!

Know the reason why they don’t Eat meal properly

As our kids grow, they experience a huge range of changes physically, emotionally, even hormonally. Also, their needs change over time. For instance, when your toddler was a baby he or she may be throwing lots of tantrums while they must be hungry often. Babies generally require a lot of nutrition in their early months and most of the nutrition that they need is essentially protein and fat which are required for their healthy growth. For this parents should be careful if your kid is not Eating meal properly.

Besides, babies have very little physical activity and we are also most likely to feed them whenever we see them crying since our first guess for a crying baby is either poop or hunger.

Give food according to kid’s taste for Eating meal properly

Eating meal properly will develop kids metal as well as physical health. So parents should aware about this. When my son was growing up, he used to eats 5 meals a day to just 3. At first, I was worried but then I focused less on his meal portions and more on the nutrient quality of his food. This is when I realised that is fine for him to eat less since his body’s nutritional requirement is being met by his meals. If he is not lacking in any essential vitamin, mineral or fibre.

But, if you observe that your kid has started to remain irritable and dull and tired and has lost appetite due to not Eating meal properly, you must visit the doctor once and get him checked for nay health disorder like anaemia.

told them why necessary for Eating meal properly


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