What Is The Importance Of Playtime For Kids?


Playtime is more than just fun for toddlers and children. It is also an extension of learning for both the body and the mind. Here are a few reasons why playtime should be taken seriously by parents and toddlers alike.

Children are skilled at play, even more so than adults! There is no better way to put all that excess energy and free time to good use than by playing. Apart from being fun and good exercise for the mind and body, playing the right games can also help instil a number of good values and can help in the cognitive and emotional development of your child.

Play is more than just fun

Playing with figurines and puppets is a great way for your child to express emotions that she can’t quite understand yet. Have you seen your daughter role-playing as a teacher or a mother with her toys/ friends? If you observe closely she will usually mimic you or her teacher. This is her subliminally trying to make sense of situations she didn’t quite understand. Playing is a physical activity for kids. Climbing the jungle gym playing on the slides, or just plain running around is an excellent way for kids to get some exercise and develop their motor skills at the same time.

Learning through play

Playing is deemed as a “fun” activity for kids. However, you can use play as an opportunity to teach your child life lessons without being too preachy about it. For example, building sand castles and playing with building blocks is a great way to strengthen their lateral thinking and creativity. Hide and seek helps them to resolve separation anxiety.

Healing power of laughter

Have you ever seen your child angry or sad when she is playing? The mere mention of playtime brings a huge smile on her face and her excitement knows no bounds. Playing is a means of joy and happiness for kids.


Despite the awkwardness, clumsiness and uncoordinated actions, your child will get enough exercise by playing outside. Playing games will help strengthen their hand eye coordination. Such physical activities will help shape their bodies to grow in a healthy manner. Playing outside will also tire your child, thus increasing her appetite.


Bonding experience

There is no better way to connect with your child’s psyche than to go out and play with them. Children love to include their parents in their play, and it gives you an uninhibited window into understanding your child’s overall growth and development.

A daily dose of playtime is just as essential as food and sleep for your child. It promotes a holistic physical and emotional development in a fun manner. Therefore, the next time your child asks to go out and play, just nod your head in affirmation.



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