Mistakes mothers make when their child has fever

A mother is the most concerned person for her child’s well-being. It is often seen that whenever a child gets the fever then the mother usually gets very scared and if the fever really shoots up then it becomes a panicky situation for her. So if you are bothered about the good being of your kid then don’t exaggerate the situation that much. Handle things patiently as this is one of the mistakes mothers make.

mistakes mothers make

 Let us see what mistakes mothers make when their child has fever-

•    They treat fever as a very big illness – fever is not an illness. It is a sign that body has caught some sort of infection. There may be some simple problem that might be causing fever like cold, cough, throat infection etc. Don’t panic; consult your doctor for proper guidance.

•    They forget to give enough fluids- mothers always insist on eating healthy food when the child gets the fever. But a child resists at that time. But at that time mothers should increase their fluid intake to fight against infection like soups, fresh juice, the adequate amount of water, coconut water etc.

•    Rushing to the doctor immediately – many mothers rush to the doctor even if the fever is very low. It may be because of seasonal change. You should consult the doctor if the fever is really high and the prescribed medication is not giving results.

•    Giving over the counter medicines – if your child is having the fever then don’t give any medicines just like that. Look at what symptoms he or she is having and then medicate the child. Never give antibiotics on your own, always consult a doctor if you are confused that which medicine should be given.

•    They forget to keep a record- it is always a better idea to keep a record of the fever pattern. It can help the doctor a lot to know what problem your child is facing and thus can provide the right treatment on time.

mistakes mothers make

Mothers have a very powerful instinct when it comes to anything associated with their children. If the fever is really low then don’t panic, it can go within one or two days and may have occurred because of seasonal change. But if the condition of your child is unwell then immediately contact your doctor.


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