Fancy Dress Ideas For Kids!

Dolling up children is fun, especially when they are pudgy babies. But when it is a fancy dress competition, parents, especially the mums, usually become very competitive and try to make the best from the opportunity.  Most schools organise fancy dress competition so to test children’s creative aspect and parents’ involvement. These competitions help children to develop confidence and open up to the crowd.

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Parents usually get stuck at deciding the fancy dress theme and idea. This article will guide parents to some awesome Fancy dress Ideas and themes for kids between 3 – 6 years. These ideas are common for both girls and boys;

Birds and Animals:

Birds and animals are quite general but interesting to enact. Parents can make their child play endangered animals such a tiger, lions, rhinos etc. and raise an awareness to protect them.

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Trees and fruits:

Children can enact the importance of tree planting and preserve the environment by playing their favourite tree. Apples and Oranges are cute to look.

Gods and Goddesses:

Nothing can be colourful and engrossing than presenting children as one of the mythological characters. This way a parent can also instil the importance of believing and having faith in God.Teaching them to enact stories from Indian mythology scriptures can fetch additional points too.

Comic Characters:                                                                                                          

Let parents fulfil their children’s dream to play their favourite comic character and conquer the world. Common comic characters include Aladdin, Pokémon, snow white, etc.


Movie and Cricket celebs are quite popular amongst the kids. If not celebrities, then national leaders shall also be equally motivating. Dress them as Salman khan from Dabbang or our Captain Cool, MS Dhoni or choose one of our legendary historical heroes like Gandhi, Jawarhal Nehru, Tipu Sultan, Mary Kom, Asoka, Einstein etc.

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Other fancy dress ideas for the kids include ambitions, classical dancers, fairies or superheroes, gourmet food, Christmas tree, Santa clause, dustbin, the sun, river, eggs, etc.


Parents should be prepared well in advance. There’s always something which might go wrong at the last minute; a fallen petal, a torn tail, one eye of the croc goes missing or anything. Therefore, it is suggested to have a plan B ready for last minute haywires.


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