Child Psychology – Why do children behave the way they do!

Children are honest about their emotions and they tend to express their feelings without any apprehension towards the response of their parent. Kids say what they feel! Kids do what they feel is right! Kids believe in most things that they listen to and children behave accordingly.

children behave

Can I say ‘No’ to my child?

Yes, you can but never do that rudely or by insulting the child. If you lose your temper, you lose control of the situation. Sometimes parents go that extra mile by patronizing the bad children behavior. Now, this can get challenging, because the moment you patronize or reward the bad way children behave, the child tends to repeat the behavior again.

How do I say ‘No’ to my child?

A child is basically expressing what he is able to perceive after using her five senses: smell, touch, sight, sound and taste. If your 5 year old baby boy liked the taste of ice cream the last time you visited the shopping mall, then he may demand ice cream every time you visit the shopping mall. If your 6 year old baby girl likes the sight of a teddy bear, she is going to ask for it whenever she sees it in a shop.

children behave

In the above scenarios,

You could say to your baby boy that, I am making tasty parathas for dinner, so why go for the ice cream. And, you can say to your baby girl that, your birthday is coming soon, so I will buy you 2 teddy bears then.

Achieving the ‘good behavior’ milestone for the child

The issue is: Can you really control the desires of your child? Well, you cannot do that. You cannot even control your own desires! Is ignorance the solution? No, the solution lies in accepting the needs of your child and dealing with those needs assertively.

You can set examples of ‘good behaviour’ by letting the child know that it is not always possible to satisfy a demand. Saying ‘No’ does not hurt the emotions of your child! The way you say ‘No’ to your child matters and that is how children behave!

Saying ‘No’ in a positive manner as mentioned in the case of ice cream and teddy bear above, will help the child learn that: ‘occasionally, I will have to learn to accept ‘No’ as the answer!


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