Top 5 Hacks to Get Perfect Baby Hair



Some babies have good hair growth, while other do not. During the first year of birth, it is most likely that your baby hair growth may change drastically. Growth of baby hair depends on many factors including his hormones, genetics, ethnicity, etc. Many babies lose their hairs due to a common reason, which is friction between mattress and hair. This temporary baldness fades away with time, as the baby begins to sit upright. Mamma’s love can treat baby’s soft tresses; you can take care and pamper baby’s hair with some extra following listed precaution:

1) Regular Hair Wash

Washing baby hairs everyday is important, but do not use adult hair shampoo for this. A tear and
chemical free shampoo can be good for baby’s hair. They can leave your baby hairs soft and clean. For infants you need to use shampoo every day, you can wash his hairs every alternative day.

2) Hair Oil

Oils have always been nourishment for bay hairs. Till two years you must oil and massage baby skin every day before bath gently. After bathing you can oil his hairs once in a week at least. You can avoid hair fall and messy hair by doing this. If your baby has curly hairs then hair oiling can stop them falling the hairs over baby face.



3) Hair Combing

Avoid use of hair comb on baby skull to avoid fontanel’s or the soft spots on the head of baby. Soft baby brush can be good for baby skin and must be used just after bathing or when it is required exactly. You can use any soft baby comb after 6 months of his birth to untangle his hairs.

4) Curl De-tangle

Babies usually lie on their back all day and night and as a result their hairs tends to curl and tangles from the ends, they may turn into stubborn knots if not combed properly. Try to remove these tangles from hair ends and then comb them in upward direction.

5) Nutritional Diet

Healthy diet can result into beautiful hairs for every age people. Dairy products or foods rich in
calcium, proteins vitamins and other healthy minerals can improve the hair quality. For this you can add powdered nuts and lots of fresh vegetables in mashed form. Ensure that he is completely and well hydrated.





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