How To Take Good Care Of Newborn Twins Alone?


You and your partner have been waiting long for having a baby. Finally, God blessed you with two adorable newborns.  Certainly, you are cherishing this long awaited good luck, but wait, you have twins!

Well, now you might be a bit worried and panicked. Parents of newborns often struggle to take care of even one child. You are having twins and it can be a real jolt. There is huge workload in your office; you and your husband live alone in your apartment and you guys have ended up having twins.


Your concern is quite natural. Perhaps your family members are adding to your anxiety unknowingly. You are not going to receive complete support from any of your relatives or friends. You have to take care of your children on your own.


Does it seem like you lack training, time, help, emotional backing, and finance Despite these facts, you must calm down and find out the easy and smart ways to handle your twins alone.

You need to maintain a schedule:

No need to get worried and mess up everything.  Try to have a specific schedule for feeding them, training them sleep. If you maintain the same timing of feeding them regularly, the newborns would get accustomed to a balanced schedule.

Handling them alternately:

Worried how to handle them together? You can alternate the floor time and hold time with both of them. While you are playing with the babies, Hold one and make the other one lie on a blanket or mat. If the baby on the floor starts to cry, put the one you are holding down and start comforting the crying one.


Woman Holding Babies

Putting them in a single crib:

In the early days, you can easily put your babies in the same crib.   They might sleep better while being close to each other. The crib sharing can last until you are shifting them to their childhood beds.

In short, keep on challenging yourself no matter what. Try to raise your twins on your own. Face all the obstacles crossing your way. Once the initial months are over, you would feel more strong and confident than you ever thought.



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