How to keep your 2-year-old toddler busy when you are at work?

Working with a naughty child around is not so easy. And when your little one can walk and move around, it
becomes even more difficult. All they want is your attention and things to keep them busy always. You might come across a situation, wherein, you’ll have to get into a conference call or you have to attend a telephonic interview or you would have to attend an F2F call over skype and you have your toddler around.  It would become really difficult if you continue your work without making your toddler busy. Do not panic. We have the simplest and the most effective hacks that could keep your toddler occupied in his own world.

So following are the tips that would come handy for you if you are in a last minute rush to attend the call.
Try them and you will have a peaceful conversation and you would not be interrupted by your little one, anytime for the next twenty to thirty minutes.

1. Secret box: Fill a box with all the favorite things of your little one and place it half opened. (Toys, chocolates etc.). This is a wonderful idea and you can try it as many times you want in a single day itself. It works wonders every time.

2.  A new pop-up book: This would be very interesting for your little one if he likes books. When you shop for books, do not hand it over to your child, all at once. You can show one and hide, rest of the books for emergency situations.

3.  Colorful chalk and the board: Let him scribble and have some wonderful creative time. Children usually like scribbling. Having these colorful chalks and the freedom to scribble as much as they want and with any color they want would make them go really happy all along.

4.  A bowl with colorful fruits or eatables: This would be a bit messy but believe me, it will keep him really occupied. Just ensure that you do not add in fruits or eatables that could be hazardous or could cause choking in children.

5.  Tab with a favorite game: You can make your little one sit on a couch and give him a tab with a rhyme played in it or a game that he would love playing. Candy crush and angry birds would do all that is needed. You can start primping in front of the mirror, in the extra time you get, before attending the call.


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