5 Dress up tips for playschool kids.

The next big thing after securing admission in a playschool is to get the child ready for day one. Every parent wants his/her child to leave the perfect first impression on other children and teachers in the playschool. It is a big moment for your little one who is all set to step towards a new beginning of his/her life. Would you not like to support him/her in it?

Well, coming back to dressing up, nowadays kids want to look smart and well dressed. Thus, it is important to create that first impression bang on, because as it is said, “First impression is the last impression”.

Focus on the points below, to help your child leave that perfect first impression at the play school

  1. Get cleaned and refreshed with a nice shower

Trimmed nails and a nice shower will not only make your child look good but will also refresh him / her for the long day ahead. Moisturize and put Sunblock to protect their soft skin and make them feel comfortable


  1. Pick the right Dress

Clothes are the most important thing when it comes to a perfect dress up. Below are some tips which will help you pick the right clothes for your child

Comfort: It is most important that the clothes you are selecting for your child are comfortable for the entire day wear. Kids perform multiple physical activities in playschool. If they do not feel comfortable in their attire, their entire focus will be on fixing their dress rather than making new friends

Cleanliness: The clothes you pick for your child should always be clean. This not only creates a good impression but is very important for the health and hygiene of your child. Also, make sure the clothes are ironed to add to that first impression

Dress Special: Dressing up girls in cute frocks or skirts is a preferred choice for day one but remember to make her wear cycling shorts underneath for comfort. Your little boy will look cute and well dressed in properly tucked in shirts to give that official first impression

If you child indulges in outdoor activities or sports in the play school, it is better to make them wear comfortable lowers, shorts or pants irrespective of gender.


  1. Get the shoes right

As little kids usually indulge a lot into physical activities, shoes work not only for style but act as a support system for their tiny feet. You should take care of the following before selecting shoes for your child’s playschool

Right Fit: It is very important that the shoes you are making your child wear are not only leaving a style statement but are of proper fit. A child’s feet are very delicate, too tight or too lose shoe can harm your child’s feet

Comfort: Sports shoes are the best for playschool. Avoid shoes with lace as small children cannot tie it and open laces may cause the child to trip. Footwear which is open like flats slippers or sneakers or high heel bellies is equally bad for the child


That extra shine: Getting that extra shine on your child’s shoe through polishing and rubbing will make him or her stand out for good and will boast the confidence of your child


  1. Make the hairs well

Hairs are very important in making or breaking the entire look. Here are simple tips to make your child’s hair look good

Short Hair: Short hair look good when they are properly trimmed and neatly combed, so make sure that you get a nice hair cut done for your child before the day one and comb them properly to give that neat first impression

Long Hair: Long hairs should always be tied back. It will not only look neat and tidy but would be easier for your preschooler to manager. If you have a girl child and she has long hairs, you can braid her hairs in a stylish manner to make that first impression


* Irrespective of hair length, hairs should always be clean


  1. Don’t get overboard, accessorize just right

Accessories are something that every parent should keep a check on. Girls should not be sent wearing chudi’s (bangles) or neckpieces. Wearing rings and bracelets for both girls and boys is a no!

Decency should be maintained while going to the school. Kids might demand it and act stubbornly but it’s a parent’s responsibility to make them understand about the right thing.


You may also want to add a small spray of fine fragrance to complete the first impression What are you waiting for, go check your to do list!


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  1. Annu Singh
    Vaibhav (vaibhav624) | Pearltrees
    […] and itching when touched with soft baby skin. I like thisUnlike Like0I dislike thisUndislike 0. 5 Dress up tips for playschool kids. – Just dakhila. The next big thing after securing admission in a playschool is to get the child ready for day one. […]
  2. nupur joshi
    Being a parent, we must realize that it's a start of a new phase of their kid and even for the parents as well when they send them the first day to the preschool. The first impression will always the last impression and for me when it comes to the dress up shoes are often child's first love.

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