Why CBSE Ordered 8000 Schools To Disclose Their Data Online?

central-board-of-secondary-educationcentral-board-of-secondary-educationCentral Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E) has passed order for All the Schools to submit their overall data online. This order was released on October 25, 2016 and 30th November 2016 is the deadline for the schools.
CBSE Chairman Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi has claimed that zero schools have shown unhappiness regarding providing the overall data. CBSE has approximately 18,179 affiliated schools but not all the schools have submitted their data online. 13,000 Schools have submitted the data online so far. They admitted that some schools have objection over submitting the pay-salaries of the staff and teachers with their names.

Why It is been done?
Following PM Modi’s direction on GIS Technology to map the examination centers, PM Modi said that It will help Parents to look for information related to exam centers online.

An answer to every Parent’s pain of confusion about Nursery School Admission & they look for accurate information about Schools in Delhi NCR. Putting up the data online will eventually help parents to get all the information about School Admissions with the ease of Internet.
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CBSE Chairman also said that Only 45% of the total schools have submitted their Complete data. But countering on his statement the question raises that what about the remaining 55% of the school?
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