Setback for Nursery Admissions based Neighborhood Criteria

Finally, the Delhi High Court on 14th Feb, 2017 has released the judgment for controversial Nursery Admissions based neighborhood notification. Basically, the notification was based on 298 Private Unaided schools, to  accept admission forms based only on Neighborhood criteria. Justdakhila Team has published the Blog on it, “Nursery Admissions Based on the Neighborhood: Yes or No

Nursery Admission Based Neighborhood

According to the statement made by the Justice Manmohan. “The notification was arbitrary, unreasonable and against the public interest”. Earlier, the Court has directed schools to accept school admission application through dual method. This includes their own school criteria as well as the City administration guidelines.

The Tuesday’s order from High Court will give free hand to all the schools.  Thus, they can select candidates based on their own admission criteria.

“State cannot impose a restriction on choice of parents to choose a school for their wards just because it is beneficial for the child” said Justice Manmohan after the judgment.

The court additionally scrutinized the city government’s choice to force the area confinement to just those schools that are based on Delhi Development Authority land.

“Open intrigue can’t be restricted to 298 schools,” . Justice Manmohan commented including, “essential driver of nursery affirmation disarray is the absence of good schools in the capital”.

So, at present Nursery Admissions based Neighborhood criteria is not in place hence every parent is free to select Schools.


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