Nursery Admissions based on the Neighborhood: Yes or No

nursery-medThe Delhi government’s arrangements to make neighborhood the essential criteria in nursery admissions could confront issues as Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung has communicated reservations on its implementation.

The administration — which needs to submit in court its arrangements for confirmation in schools that got arrive on concession from the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) — had first sent its plan to the Lieutenant Governor.

Sources said that Lieutenant is content with the arrangement, he has communicated reservations about how it will be actually implemented. He has requested that the administration to hold a meeting with partners, including schools and land-owning powers, before the last criteria is set. The meeting is booked for Monday.

“The Lieutenant Governor has communicated worries that since only 250-300 schools fall under the action plan of this area class, diverse rules should be set up for the rest of the schools. In any case, even now, all schools make their own particular criteria. Here, these specific schools should offer power to candidates from their neighborhood. This is the thing that legislature of Delhi needs. We have booked a meeting with partners on Monday,” said Education Minister Manish Sisodia.

Now, we have to see what action plan is implemented for Nursery Admissions, although Neighborhood criteria can be effective for people. Let us see with what government will come up. Till then, reply us in comments about your opinions on it.


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