Highlights of Union Budget 2017 – Common Things to Know

The heated budget for Year 2017 has been released Today from our honorable Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley. There were quite speculations regarding the inclusion of Rail Budget in Union Budget 2017 only, but in the end, it resulted out to be good at least the amount saved in organizing whole Budget separately.


In this Article, we will basically be showcasing the effect of Budget on a Common man and how it will affect the lives in most common way.

  • Income Tax Bar Change for Common People (Earlier – 10%, Now – 5%)

The Income Tax for Individuals earning between 2.5 Lakhs/Annum to 5 Lakhs/Annum has been reduced from the earlier 10% rate to 5% rate. It will surely provide some relief to common man of India.

  • Increase in Women and Child Welfare Funds (Earlier – RS 1.56 Lakh Cr, Now – RS 1.84 Lakh Cr)

This is a good step from government to boost economic conditions of Woman and Children in society.  Besides this, to set up Mahila Shakti Kendras, government allocated RS 500 Cr.

  • Service Charge to be Removed while Booking Rail Ticket on IRCTC  

Another very great initiative from the government’s side, from now on, there will be no service tax levied while booking Rail tickets over IRCTC.

  • Getting Passport is Easy Now for Common Man

Travellers have to travel long distances to obtain passport as the passport service centers are few. But from now on, the Head Post Offices will be used to provide passport services.Union Budget 2017

  • Single Authority to Conduct All Competitive Exams for Higher Institutions

National Testing Agency will be setup to conduct all national competitive exams like JEE, NEET, NET etc. This will allow C.B.S.E, AICTE and other bodies to be free from organizing these exams.

  • Utilization of Online Courses to Provide better Education

Utilization of DTH channels to connect online courses accessible on the Swayam stage that will offer 310 online courses. This helps in empowering understudy get to amazing instruction asset.

  • Focus on Health Services in Country

The government has proposed to eliminate tuberculosis disease by the end of Year 2025. To promote health quality, government has also proposed to setup two new AIIMS in Jharkhand and Gujarat respectively.

  • Housing For Poor

Government has proposed to build 1 Cr Homes by 2019 for all those people who are living in Kachha House currently.

Besides these, Union Budget 2017 has many things to offer but for a common man, big numbers won’t play much role. Let’s see what the government has to offer in future.


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