Did You Know These Things About US President Donald Trump?


“Love Me or Hate Me but You Cannot Ignore Me” Now this statement suits the newly elected President Donald Trump! Ofcourse the world doesn’t hate the winner. He is said to be the most powerful man in the world now. There are some facts/things about Donald Trump to which the whole world remains unaware:

1) Heard about the game “Trump Card”?
Yes! No Jokes! Trump made his own very famous card game where people used to exchange cards on the basis of winning or losing under number game. Trump’s game mind also worked earlier.
trump-card2) He was in “Home Alone 2 in New York”
Do you remember the Main Lead “Kevin” walks into Plaza Hotel for the first time and asks for directions? The Man who directs him to the reception is Donald Trump featuring in the movie.
trump3) Seen that Central Park Skating Ring? The Wolman skating ring in Central Park, New York was going under construction as it was facing some financial drain. Donald Trump used to see that from his office. He took the project and finished it before time and well in budget.  Hence, the profits which the city gathered were donated to charity.
central-park4) Trump’s friendship with Mike Tyson: Trump won the right to host a boxing match in 1988 and hosted in Trump Plaza Hotel. Tyson also endorsed Trump Presidential Campaign.
trump-tyson5) How He built his HERO figure: President Donald Trump agreed to shave off his head if the pro-wrestler he selected at Wrestlemania 23 didn’t come out as a winner. But Trump won the bet but he made a Hero Figure of himself.


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