Change in Pattern for Class Xth CBSE Board exam

Being a parent to a teenager, I was going through quite a dilemma regarding his Studies and mainly because of the way CBSE is turning folds month after month. Yes, I am taking about CBSE Board Exam. I am sure there are many parents out there who is thinking just like me and feeling the dilemma.

But according to the latest Circular released, Class X CBSE board exam are compulsory from Session 2017-18 and few notable changes are also introduced. Here I am pointing out the crucial notes from the Circular for all the Parents and Children who are studying in Class 9th.

  • Total Marks for each subject will be 80 Marks and the Board exams will cover 100% Syllabus of Class X only.
  • Passing marks required will be 33% of Total Marks i.e. 80 marks. So, passing marks will be 27.
  • The Result will have both Marks as well as Grades for each individual Subjects.
  • 9 Point Grading will be same as followed by the Board in Class XII.
  • Each subject will have fixed 20 marks for Internal Assessment.

Class Xth CBSE Board Exam

Distribution of 20 Marks –

  • Periodic Tests (Total Marks – 10 Marks)

There will be 3 Periodic tests in a Year. The School has complete liberty to conduct them according to its schedule. Finally, best of 2 will be considered in total score.

  • Notebook Submission (Total Marks – 5 Marks)

This is majorly prescribed so as to bring seriousness among students and motivate them to prepare Notes on specific topics. This also addresses the critical aspect of regularity, punctuality, neatness and notebook upkeep.

  • Subject Enrichment Activities (Total Marks – 5 Marks)

These activities are defined with respect to each Subject and in addition to academics so as to inculcate Kid in practical learning and training. Different activities according to each Subject are given below –

Language Subject – The main aim is at equipping the learner to develop effective learning and speaking skills.

For Mathematics – To focus on the laboratory and project related activities as given in the prescribed publication of CBSE NCERT books.

Science Subject– To focus on the Lab works and activities as given in CBSE Curriculum.

For Social Science – Focus on Map and project work as prescribed in CBSE Curriculum.

Note – Given below is the Scheme for 6th Subject.

Class Xth CBSE Board Exam

To know more, you can view complete circular here –


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