What Really Motivates Your Child To Learn

What-Really-Motivates-Your-Child-To-LearnParents are always worried about their child’s moods and activities; they always take stress for motivating their child.Parents are curious to know what will really motivate their child to learn. It is the desire of every parent that the child always stays happy and confident about his activities and feels free to express his/her opinions and views. For good growth of a child, it is important that the kid does not feel dominated. Hence, it becomes responsibility of parents to motivate the child at every stage of life. A parent should think of ways to make his/her child feel happy about his achievements and future goals.

We bring you 10 easiest ways to motivate your child for everything he/she wants to do:

Narrate Motivational stories: the type of story that your child listens can play a crucial role in his development and mood he carries. A parent should narrate motivational and inspiring stories which will increase your child’s confidence and his sub-conscious mind to stay motivated and focus. Stories should be narrated regularly to make the kid feel inspired and can idolize someone who has accomplished many things.

Avoid comparison: a child won’t feel comfortable if parents continuously compare his child with other kids of his age group, this will demotivate the child and will make him feel unwanted, irritated leading to annoyed behavior and negative thoughts. A parent should never compare his child with anyone and realize every child is special and possess his/her special talents.

Regular conversations: a parent should have a nice conversation with his child regularly to make him feel comfortable and ease him whenever he feels low & demotivated.  A child should feel confident to express his moods with his parents.By regular talking, a child can feel motivated and confident.


Set small goals: a parent should not pressurize his child with big tasks or goals that will discourage the kid, an ideal parent should motivate his child by setting up small goals for his kids that he can accomplish and complete in short time without getting divert. This way a child will stay focus and his level of confidence will boast up by achievements and will get motivate to accomplish more.

Small Goals for ChildrenTeach him via cartoons, videos and pictures: according to experts, impact of graphics, videos, images and visuals is more than audios. So keeping in mind this fact a parent should make his child understand and describe things and morals using these types of media. A parent should make use of visuals which have some motivational and inspiring content for their ward to get motivated and focused.

Encourage to speak: parent should not create environment for the child that he feels dominated and unpleasant to express his opinions. A child should always feel easy and comfortable to share his views, opinions and emotions in front of other. A parent should always let his child have a say and express what he feels like about the things happening around, so that he feels confident and motivated to specify his views and opinions.

Tell them difference between right and wrong: an ideal parent should be neutral i.e. neither too strict with his child that gives birth to feelings like domination, suppression, fear from his parents nor should be too lenient that leaves the child with so much freedom. At times when needed a parent should console his child specifying what’s right and what’s wrong and other times should follow a way by scolding and getting strict so that he can differentiate between wrong and right morals .A parent should always stay patient while handling his little one.

Father teaching the difference

Rewards: A parent should regularly boast the child by giving him small gifts which will make your child feel pleasant about his activities. This will boast the child to accomplish more goals in order to get more rewards. Little presents and rewards will cheer up your little ones by rewarding them in the form of chocolates, fancy pencils and pen or small toys etc.

Show enthusiasm in every activity: all types of activities are equally important for a child development. A parent should not force his child to engage in single type of activity. He should not involve the kid in any kind of mental and physical activities, so that he can stay active and his level of enthusiasm never lowers down. An enthusiast person will never feel low and demotivated.

Celebrate small achievements: with regular activities, it is very much essential for the child to stay motivated so a parent should continuously celebrate his achievements like by going to cafes, ice cream parlors or malls so that in future he gets keen to work harder to achieve more goals. By celebrating small achievements for the child, he feels happy and enthusiastic.

It is crucial for the child to always stay happy, feel confident and be motivated in order to encourage him to accomplish more things in all kind of activities. So now you can motivate your child in simplest ways mentioned above, this way a child will stay focus and concentrate, we hope your child stays happy and accomplish and achieve great things.





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