Lessons that young generation can learn from Jayalalitha’s life


J Jayalalitha’s untimely death has set off shock waves in the country. She was a revolutionary leader whose charismatic personality could intimidate her opponents. Her confidence and courage are worth imbibing. While her death has left millions of Indians heartbroken, her legacy as a strong and generous leader is bound to continue. Read on to know the various lessons that the young generation can learn from her life.

  1. Determination

Jayalalitha’s dogged determination is the reason why she could don many hats in her lifetime. She lost her father at a young age but this personal setback couldn’t stop her from becoming one of the most powerful personalities of the country. Her determination helped her succeed in every field she chose to enter. Today’s young generation can definitely take a leaf out of her book and lead a life with utmost honesty, determination and courage.


  1. Perfection

Perfection is about giving your best to everything you do. Owing to the number of distractions, today’s generation lacks focus. Jayalalitha, however, was an epitome of perfection. She tried to be an expert at whatever she did. She was touted as the best student during her growing up years. Her brief stint in movies turned successful. Her dream of becoming a change maker was realized when she decided to enter politics. Her dedication and power of concentration is worth imbibing.


  1. Generosity

People tend to forget their roots and values after tasting glory. This was, however, not the case with Jayalalitha who was renowned for her philanthropic gestures. According to sources, she was shooting for a movie when she got to know about the death of a technician’s life. She was generous enough to take care of his children’s education. She was a very down-to-earth person who believed in valuing the people around. This is a rare quality and the young generation must nurture this.

India has definitely suffered an irreparable loss. Her life is her message.


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