Is your child self dependent?

It is the most common problem now a days to make the children self dependent. The solution to this problem needs an insight into its very reason which is that we don’t guide our children to do small things themselves rather we find it easy to do the work ourselves.It makes children dependent on us even for their small needs.

This should start at a very early age like small kids should be told to carry their small bottles themselves and eat themselves. although they will create a mess. But slowly they will learn.

We should start giving them small chores like putting their lunch box in the bag, keeping their shoes, clothes and bag  in proper place when they return from school or to put their plate in the kitchen after finishing the food.

To improve their motor co-ordination we should also teach them to tie up their laces and close the buttons of their shirt.It gives them confidence also that they can do many things themselves.

At the next level the children should be told to put their books in the bag as per the time table, clean up their room themselves and to keep their study table and books in an organised manner. You can also tell them to arrange the dining table.

In academics also we should give them work and let them do it on their own while keeping an eye on them. It will make them independent in studies also.

The parents should start these practices at an early age. So that the child acquires a habit of this.

These things may appear to be a waste of time initially but as the child grows into a self dependent, responsible and confident adult you will realize its importance.

Dear parents if you want to develop this quality among you children this will test your patience. So parents be patient and let the children learn things by doing.

Parents gear up for making your children self dependent. Stop spoon feeding them. And believe me they will do wonders.


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