Spring Flower Crafts for Kids

Spring Flower Crafts

Spring season comes after the winter season. It begins from the middle of February. This season is certainly the best season of the year. The trees look fresh and green. In this season, people are more active. They involve themselves in various outdoor and indoor activities. Mothers, we should also get involved in some indoor activities of flower making with our kids. So, let’s begin with the best of Spring Flower Crafts:Spring Flower Crafts

Crepe Paper Rose:

Step 1: Cut crepe paper into 2 inch wide stripes and 15 inches long.

Step 2: Hold the paper at the bottom of one end and gather the paper an inch at a time bringing towards the centre. Continue till you finish one entire paper.

Step 3: Glue one end of the pipe cleaner to the bottom of the flower. Make few more flowers and

create a beautiful bouquet

Cupcake Liner Flowers:

Step 1: Collect some colorful cupcake liners. If they are white from inside, carefully turn them inside out.

Step 2: Now place a button and glue it in the centre of the flower. You can use small pompoms, cotton, sparkles or colorful plastic stones to decorate the flower.

Step 3: Stick a drinking straw at the back of the flower. A bunch of beautiful cupcake liner flowers is ready.

Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers:

Spring Flower Crafts

Step 1: Cut 6 colorful tissue papers in a rectangle shape of 7 inches wide and 11 inches long.

Step 2: Pile up all the tissue papers and make a half inch fold on the short side of the rectangle. Fold the paper accordion style (back and forth folding).

Step 3: Trim off if any excess paper is left after the last fold. Round out both the ends of the folded paper.

Step 4: Tie a pipe cleaner at the centre of the folded paper. This will divide the folded paper in two parts.

Step 5: Slowly spread one part of the tissue paper making it like a fan. Slowly separate each layer of the tissue paper and bring it to the centre to make a flower.

Step 6: When done, repeat the same process on the other part of the flower. Slowly separate the tissue and bring it towards the centre to make it a flower.

Step 7: Once all the layers are done, you can see a beautiful paper flower flourish.

Mothers enjoy the moment with your kids in making these attractive Spring Flower Crafts.


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