Playing Outdoors: All You Need To Know

It was a simpler time before. The only way to let go and just be a child was to go out of your house and just play outside. You didn’t even need a playground. The fresh air, green grass, and open grounds were enough to keep you entertained for hours.

With the advent of technology, kids are slowly moving their interest away from playing outdoors to playing on say a tablet or a mobile. Many parents who are busy prefer this method of play, as it helps keep an eye on their kids while also providing entertainment and learning. While there are obvious benefits to playing indoors, the feeling of rolling around on the freshly mowed grass, jumping into sand pits and getting yourself dirty can never be substituted.

Playing Outdoors

One can also argue that is it compulsory for kids to be allowed to play outside. Playing outside alone, or with their friends not only increases kids coordination skills but also helps them develop social skills which will be much required once they start getting older. Keeping kids safely locked up inside the house will only make them grow up to be socially anxious, timid and introverts.

Get them some Sun

Of course, you cannot forget the benefits of getting some sun on your skin. Playing outdoors provides all the fresh air and vitamin D needed for your kid to grow healthy and athletic.

Kids have an innate love for playing outdoors. You must also understand that is it very necessary for their growth and development. What better way than to propel yourself down a slide 15 times, run around the entire ground till your tongues are coming out and ride your little bikes and have a fall or two on the way!

Playing Outdoors

There are many toys also which can only be played with outdoors, such as skating, bike riding, scooters etc. These toys help in developing a sense of coordination and also learning new skills on the way.

Outdoor play games for kids

Other games kids can play outdoors are catch, hide and seek and other games which require a lot of physical activity and social skills.

While it is an innate reaction for parents to want to keep their kids safe, it is also important to recognize the benefits of outdoor playing for your kids.


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