Indoor Activity: Make a Shoe Box Caravan


During winter season, the mothers don’t allow their kids to play outside. Learn some Indoor Activity: Make a Shoe Box Caravan. Mothers  prefer to stay indoors. This is just an extra care that mothers show to their kids. But the kids hardly understand this. They make faces and at times throw tantrums.

At this point of time, mothers should give them full attention. They should get involve with their kids and try doing some activities with them. When my son gets bored, I always try either to play with him or to do some craft work with him.

So, today I am going to share an activity with all the mothers. And I know that you and your kids will surely love it. I am going to prepare a Caravan using an empty Shoe Box. A Caravan is basically a vehicle that has all the equipments for living. It can be towed by a car and is used for holidays, vacations and family outings.

So mothers, let’s get started.

Step 1: Remove the lid from the shoe box.

Step 2:  Now using glue, cover the whole box with a colored paper.

Step 3: Take another colored paper and cut two arches from that sheet. On the shorter side of the box, paste these arches. Make sure to keep the arch facing upwards.

Step 4: Paint all the four sides of the box. You can add glitters, small plastic stones, pompoms or mirror and beads.

Step 4: Now take another colored paper to make a roof. You can either paint the roof or can decorate it with the stickers or sparkles.

Step 5: Hold the roof in your hand. Leaving 4 to 5 inches from both the longest side of the paper, paste it over the box making it a roof of caravan.

Step 6: Make sure the roof of the caravan should touch the arch on both the sides. There should not be any gap between the roof and the arches.

Step 7: Now take a cardboard sheet and cut four circles. Color the circles and make wheels on the cardboard sheets. Paste these wheels on the sides of the box.

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Mothers, your Shoe Box Caravan is ready. You can keep this Caravan anywhere in your house. I suggest you all to keep it in the living room. Let your guest notice it and appreciate your kids for this fabulous job.


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