4 fun activities to engage your kids during summer vacations


It is quite exciting to see your kids spend so much time with you without having to worry about their class schedules and homework lessons. Seeing them so relaxed and available for home, well, can yes, be quite messy and annoying at times, but overall summer vacations are our best chances to let our kids loose and give them the space to enjoy the most and unleash their creativity. Most parents prefer to send their kids to summer camps during their vacations, where they stay all day and learn various things apart from making new friends and enjoying various fun activities for kids organised by the camps. For instance, some summer camps are sports based, they teach various kinds of sports activities to kids, like swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, football etc. based on the interest of the kid.

While it is quite tempting to send your kids to summer camps for their fun and learning, and also so that there are no messy pools of toys and food in the house, summer vacations are also your time with your kid. So here is a list of 4 fun activities that you can organise for your kids and probably even their friends at home and set the vacations rolling:


Cooking without the gas party: Take my word, it is going to be real fun engaging your kids in some healthy cooking without gas fun activities. You could invite their friends over and give all of them separate tiny tables and heir ingredients and teach them to make healthy gas free snacks like fruit and chocolate tarts, fruit ice cream in pouches and much more fun summer foods and even drinks.

Treasure hunt: It does top the charts for being one of the messiest fun activities doing the rounds, but it is surely one of the most fun activities to make sure your kids and their friends have super fun.

Child drawing a smiling sun on a sandy beach, with beach towel, starfish and flip flops (studio shot - warm color and directional light are intentional).

Spell bee Competition: A bit on the learning edge, you can organise this as a fun spell check competition among the kids and their friends and make sure they learn something while having fun. Be sure to treat them with their favourite snacks and rewards at the end of the competition.




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