Why is Playtime as Important as Feeding and Sleeping

Play is an absolute necessity for babies to grow faster. It is also an important part in your child’s emotional, social and physical growth. Find out how you can derive the most out of your child’s playtime.

Brain development amongst children is a continuous phenomenon. Yes, you need to provide all possible assistance to help your little one grow into an intelligent human being. Your responsibility towards these areas of baby care and child development would start right from the time your child comes into being. Babies love to explore and they even find simple objects to be extremely mysterious. So your first task is to find out the toys that allure your baby to be imaginative and exploring. As your baby steps into his toddler years, his playtime is going to take more probing and complex turnaround. You better be ready with all the necessary toys and play objects.

Best Plays for your Baby

Depending upon your baby’s stage of growth, the most appropriate playtime would vary. Not all babies grow in the same manner. In case your four months old is very interested in learning to grab things around him, it’s a good idea to keep him surrounded with big yet soft kind of toys that would not hurt him in any way. Things that make friendly sounds would help the growth of his auditory senses. Again, if at the age of 1 year, you find your child to explore the relationship between causes and effects, you can play the game of hide and seek to inculcate the elements of the same in his initial years of growth.

Social Play

Social play is important during the first year of your baby. At this stage, babies love to look and smile at everyone they meet. Interacting with them during playtime with giggles and games like peekaboo is always a great idea. From 4-10 months of age, you will find your baby getting more interested in object play. So, indulge him in activities like touching objects, chewing, banging, punching and throwing. You might end up with a messy house but your baby’s growth will definitely get accelerated.

Functional Play

Representational and functional plays are important for babies toddling within 1 year to 2 years of age. Babies
are generally at their peak of imagination at this life stage. You might observe your kid to take up a small cardbox and pretend to be driving a bus. Or else sometimes, you will see him acting like “you” in front of the mirror and laughing and smiling on his own. Your best move at this stage would be to allow him do whatever imaginative and creative things he does.

Best Toys for your Baby

Of course the choice of toys is totally dependent upon your baby’s age. A 2 months old would definitely be fond of anything that moves and produces sound. A wind chimp or an MP3 player would serve the purpose at this age. Rubber toys, activity bars and soft stuffed toys should be introduced during 3 to 6 months of your baby’s age as he would love to keep chewing on then. From six months onwards, gradual introduction of learning toys would be a wise decision.

The preliminary thing to follow while deciding upon the playtime for your baby is his interest and imaginative power. Your baby’s level of creativity can play as a crucial factor for you in selecting the perfect toys for him. With proper monitoring and careful lookout, you can make your baby’s life a beautiful one.


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