Single Mom? Parenting tips to keep in mind

Parenting is one of the most difficult efforts that anyone could take on, and if you’re a mom trying to increase her kid without a partner, it can be especially hard. Eventually, the choices you make as a parent are entirely up to you, but the following tips should provide some advice that can help you along as you take on the difficulties and the thrill of parenting.

Statistics show that most single parents happen to be single mothers, then single dads. We generally affiliate Western countries with single parenting. However, being a single mom is nothing new even in India. A lady may become a single parent by the death of his partner, divorce, the partner abandoning her, he being sent to prison or rehabilitation or by having children out of wedlock.

Dealing with questions about the father:

Children of a single parent often ask questions about their dad. It also suggests, “Children’s questions regarding the dad need age-appropriate solutions which should be truthful and real without extreme good or bad feelings, as they will mix up the child”.

But even if the mother has bitter emotions about her left or estranged partner she should not let her negativity regarding her partner impact her kids. It may be necessary to maintain some connection and friendly connection with your estranged partner even if you do not have beneficial emotions for him.

Don’t be too reliant on family members and friends:

While it’s true that a single mom may benefit hugely by the help of relatives and friends it’s risky to be too reliant on them. Monika Bajaj, one of my close friends, increased up in a very safety family and, like many Indian ladies, was introduced up to believe that a lady could not deal without the help of a male. When she lost her partner she, without doubt, approved her dad and sibling as the parents of me and my children. Even when her children were psychologically misused by her dad and sibling, she could say nothing.

As a parent, you want your young ones to be the architects of their own personality crafting, while you agree to the liability to be their nurturer actually and fairly. For most of the single parent out there, the most opportunity you personally have to expand your own character through the daily blood, sweating and crying of incapable of being good parent.


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