5 Things you should not do in Front of your Children

Children learn from their parents. When I say learn, it means everything. The way their parents talk, behave, walk, react, good or bad habits etc. For little minds, a parent’s words and behavior is the right thing to do and they follow suit. Our little kids cannot differentiate the good from bad when it is their parent’s doing or saying. But then, unknowingly, parents can make some mistakes that affect little minds and lead to behavioral problems.
Hitting a child or each other
There are times when you reach your limits and are unable to control your anger with your partner or kid. Hitting each other or the kiddo in any such situation is not a right thing to do. By doing so, you are teaching your little sweetheart that violence is the only way to solve issues. Such display of violence at home makes your child become violent while growing up.
Do not compare
Do not compare your spouse or your little angel to anyone else even though you might be having certain expectations from both. When these expectations are not met it leads to disappointment. Comparing your spouse to others will not set him or her as a good role model in your kid’s eyes. Comparing your kiddo to other children also makes your little one feel inferior. It affects his or her self-image and self-confidence.
Showing favoritism among the children
When you have more than one kid, it’s natural to have a little favoritism towards one in particular. But do not ever show those feelings; because that will make your other kids feel inferior. Favoritism is a primary reason for sibling rivalry as well. Although, you love all your children, making a comparison or praising one kid all the time, would make the others feel unloved.
Rejecting tiny efforts of love
Did your kiddo wish your birthday with a simple crayon drawing on a paper? It might look very simple in the eyes of a grown up but not for your little one. Your darling did whatever he or she could manage. Appreciate openly for every token of love shown by your bundle of joy. It takes a minute to break or make their little hearts. Unappreciative toddlers fall into depression very fast, which again is a reason for their behavioral problems.
Bribing to obey
Bribing your little one to make him or her listen to you is one of the things you should never do. However, we see this practice in most parents. It is important to think of the consequences it leads to. Bribing your kid teaches him or her to get things done via unfair means. Children need to be taught to work hard and do their things themselves. Bribing is a wrong escape which parents should never introduce to kids. It is easier to control your little one by bribing but its effects are only short-term.
There are many more things that as a parent you need to be careful of in front of your toddler. Remember, babies watch every single move. In future, you certainly do not want your tot to tell you about the wrong habits that he has learned from you. Yes, as a parent, it is important for you to build proper values in your child, always.

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  1. Disha singh
    Very nice topic because in today's world childrens are very smart and they get thing very quickly and parents can make some mistakes that affect little minds and lead to behavioral problems.so parents should think about it.

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