Your baby’s major milestones – a quick look


A pregnant woman dearly waits for her baby to arrive and once he arrives, the waiting list keeps on growing more . There are too many milestones to happen and keeping a track of all is tough but necessary. Taking care of newborn baby includes just about anything and everything that revolves around each and every milestone.

What do mothers eagerly wait for?

Every mother eagerly waits for his baby’s first tooth to show up, the time when he will first walk, when he will start eating solid food . The list is long and all of this happens in a short span of few months itself. While taking care of newborn baby, there are a number of things that you would notice for the first time in your baby. If as a mother you are the one taking care of newborn baby then make sure to record every milestone in your baby’s life.

Excitement behind the milestones

From the very moment your baby enters the world, infant baby care begins with a lot many newborn baby care products to be chosen from. If it is for the first time you have become a mom then keep up the spirits, you have started on your life’s most exciting voyage. Don’t forget that every baby is different so do not expect all to respond the same way. The milestones are many and time is  less so be prepared to record and track them all.

  • Teething
    – The tooth buds start to develop even before the baby is born. Teething generally begins anytime between 4-7 months when either 2 top middle ones or 2 bottom middle ones erupt. During 9-16 months span, both upper as well as lower teeth next to middle teeth emerge. 13-19 months are for the first molars whereas 16-23 months for the first canines. The second molar shows up during 23-31 months.
  • Talking
    – The first few months are characterized by different sounds, different cries, vowels, muh-muh, bah-bah, shouts and so on. The real first words start somewhere around your baby’s first birthday and once he starts to speak, be ready for infinite questions to be answered.
  • Walking
    – By the time he is 9-12 months old, he will start standing with the help of surrounding objects and the next 3 months would make you see your baby walk along.

If you left no loophole ,then he would soon be walking. Yes, baby care matters a lot for a baby to be healthy.


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