How Often Should I Bathe My Newborn?


Bathing is primarily playtime when it comes to babies. They don’t get dirty that much to require a bath on the daily basis. If you have the newborn baby, bathing him two to three times a week is sufficient to keep him clean. Once a week is enough bathing (especially in the winter), as long as you properly clean your baby’s diaper area well every day. You can do daily cleaning in areas that get particularly sweaty or dirty, such as the neck folds, under arms & diaper area using a wet sponge.

Many newborn babies get rashes and develop a dry skin from too many baths. In the initial days, wash him with a wet soft sponge or cloth instead of putting him in the tub. After your baby is few months old, you can opt for daily baths, even though it’s not necessary. Make sure to use a moisturiser as soon as he’s out of the tub to prevent dry skin.

Wash your baby’s face regularly between baths. Remember that if you live in a hard water area, too much tap water may dry out and damage your baby’s skin. Clean your baby’s genitals and bottom after every diaper change, also wipe any dirt off the skin.


When you do bathe your newborn for the first time, you may find it a little daunting, with all the things you have to remember to have to hand. You may want to have someone experienced around you for little support until you get into a routine. This will also be helpful if you forget things that you’d need for first few times. It will get easier with time. It won’t be long before your baby’s bath will become another routine and you’ll be perfect at it.

In our quest to become perfect parents, sometimes we do not realise that excessive bathing could be harmful to the baby. Generic baby soaps, even the ones that claimed to be made with gentle formulas, still contain moisture stripping ingredients.  This causes a baby’s skin to dry out too much and leaves them with rashes.



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