Taking Care of the Skin, Nail and Teeth for Infants


The newborn baby is too delicate and fragile demanding extra care not only in winter, but throughout the year. Here are some basic ways to take care of the skin, nail and teeth for the infants until they are six months old:

 Skin: Many people think that it is ideal to place the infants in direct sunlight, so as to ensure that they get ample vitamin D, while the reverse is true. Since the baby skin is too tender to apply
sunscreen, it is ideally recommended, to avoid placing them in the direct sunlight, at least from 12 noon to 3 pm. even in winter. Rather, it is advisable to keep them covered most of the time. Using a humidifier inside the room is a good option but the device should be cleaned and checked from time to time. If they develop any form of rashes or sunburns, consult the skin specialist immediately.


Nail: The fingernails of your child may be delicate and thin, but it can still hurt their face, mouth or other parts of the body. Thus it is very essential to trim the nails from time to time. Use nail-clipper, before trimming the nails safely. It is worth mentioning here, that nails grow relatively faster in the newborns, as a result you might have to trim them at least once a week to avoid the damages caused due to scratching.

Oral Care: Even though the newborn are yet to develop teeth, it is ideally recommended to start the dental care. All you need is to wet a piece of soft clean cloth or gauze and wipe the gums of the baby at least after the last meal. As soon as they develop a few teeth, try to wipe the teeth with a tender baby toothbrush. Avoid using any toothpastes for the infants and start using toothpastes only when the child specialist prescribes the same.

In case you are not confident to do the above mentioned procedure, you may simply stop offering your child a bottle to settle down at night. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the fact that using a bottle of milk as pacifier tends to cause serious damages to the teeth. In case you are unable to rid him off the habit, give him a bottle of water, instead of milk at night.


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