Here Is The ‘9 Weeks Old’ Baby With Head Full Of Hair!

chelsea-noonThis is getting viral on the internet that A kid in Uk has more hair on his head than many of the adults do. His mom Chelsea Noon says that everyone gathers to see the little boy whenever she goes out to the market. The little boy has not-at-all common hairdo by having too long hair even in comparison with an adult. Due to this, The boy has adopted a new nickname as “Baby-Bear”baby-bearWhen Junior Noon was born, Doctors said that these big lock of hair will eventually fall off. But the Noon family has observed the total opposite of it.
baby-bear“He hasn’t lost any — there’s none in the cot, none in his little chair or the pram, it’s literally just growing and it grows out not down so it sticks up,” Chelsea Noon told
Chelsea Noon who is a hairstylist does a perfect hairdo for her child using hair dryer. She has no intention to chop them off.
hairy-baby-boy-junior-cox-noonNot just being mobbed by the public in the market, His siblings also hangout with him, Love to pull his cheeks.
baby-9-weeks-oldNo doubt, The baby is Super-Cute & attracts everyone to pull the cheeks! The baby is different and said to be most viral thing on the Internet.


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