Are pacifiers better than thumb sucking?


When a child is newly born, there is an innate desire in him to feel things, which is why we see most of our babies putting just about everything in their mouths. One of the most common traits among newly born kids is the habit of sucking their thumbs. Babies have a natural reflex from their brain to suck onto things which are why being able to breastfed comes to them naturally. Also, sucking onto things like pacifiers or their thumbs, keeps them connected to certain things which is essentially why their brains make them feel comfortable and more secure. So, there is nothing to worry about if your kid is sucking his or her thumb or any other thing, but just make sure that the things within his or her reach are sterile lest they should catch any sort of infection from them.


But it is also important that gradually you teach your kid to get rid of the habit of thumb sucking in the long run. The another alternative that you can give your baby for thumb sucking is a pacifier. It will help the baby calm down and can especially help him sleep better at night since it will make him feel more and connected. Also, a pacifier is better than the baby sucking this thumb since the kid can suck his thumb anytime as it is very handy, but once he gets used to the pacifier, the baby will not have the instinct to suck the thumb and then gradually, you can help him wean off the pacifier also.

But there are certain important facts that you need take care while your baby is sucking on a pacifier:

It may create a reliance on the pacifier which means that the baby ay want it every time he or she cries and that may result in him feeding less from your breasts which may not be good both for the baby as well as the mother.


Also, the baby may get confused between the pacifier and your breasts which may also result in him declining your breastfeed.

And in no way, should a pacifier become a permanent solution for your baby’s good night sleep. It is lesser of the two evils but is not a solution.


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