5 surprising facts about baby sleep

It won’t take you long to realize that raising that the toughest task while raising a newborn is to manage with their sleep schedule. Everyone that meets you asks you about the baby’s sleep at night and the one and the only answer are he/she does not sleep well in the night. The reason of this is that the babies are not able to differentiate between day and night. They run a sleep marathon which can be from 3 hours to 6 hours at a stretch. Here are some surprising  facts about baby sleep:

 facts about baby sleep

Newborns more often have their day and nights reserved

Usually, newborns are more likely to be more alert during night and sleep throughout the day. This is the very opposite of adults schedule. A new mom has to read her baby’s sleeping schedule and mold her accordingly. You must take a good nap while your baby sleeps during the day.

Babies can sleep through almost anything

You might be alert of not making any noise while your baby is asleep but to your utter surprise your baby is a deep sleeper and most of the noises do not affect his/her sleep. They are well known to sleep in the noisiest and brightest of the places. Though this doesn’t mean you stop taking care of the sounds while they sleep.

The sleep pattern can never be predicted

Yes, for a time you may judge the sleep pattern your baby follows but this won’t last long as the baby changes its sleep schedule within days. He might sleep for a good four hours at a stretch and suddenly the time will come to an hour at a time.

The sleep personality develops right at this stage

Your baby can be a light or a heavy sleeper and you might not be able to change that. Some might take a lot of efforts to be set asleep while others simply close their eyes and enjoy the trip to the dreamland.

Your baby grows the most while he/she is asleep

Yes, while asleep the baby’s are more likely to grow rapidly.  It is the right time of their mental and physical growth, hence it is good if they sleep more.

 facts about baby sleep

We are sure you were not aware of all these  facts about baby sleep, were you? Now that you are let your baby have a good sleep on her own and you too please take a nap.


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