5 Places Where Germs Hide In Your Home

For a new parent like you, cleanliness and hygiene become an utmost priority. From washing hands and legs every time you hold your baby to spraying disinfectants all over the house, there is no dearth of hygiene based acts that you would like to undertake for best results. Well, we all go to some extra level in maintaining cleanliness when it is about our kid’s health. But, have you checked those places where germs hide the most? Here, we tell you how to say “I spy” when you spot their hiding places.

places where germs hide

Here are five places where germs hide and require cleaning once in a while to maintain good baby health.

Beds and other bedding items

Cleaning a soft item is harder than a rough surface such as a kitchen top. Germs feed on the dust and body scents present in the bedding items; especially when there is a baby around with vomiting or spilling of food in the bed is most often.

places where germs hide

Soft and hand toys

When my daughter was just a year old, she often had itchy eyes. After much watching out, I realised her favourite stuffed animal toy were the reason behind it. Soft and stuffed toys are places where germs hide and where dust and mites accumulate and babies develop allergies.

School things

Are you sending your little one to a baby care? Then, you must be aware of certain baby health care tips to keep your baby healthy. Those adorable school bag, water bottle, and food boxes are a carrier of germs. If your angel is still in diaper days, baby diapers are the one thing that needs attention first thing he or she arrives home.

places where germs hide

Window and door drapes

Curtains are yet another place that accumulates dust and most often germs. If you do not wish your sweetheart to spend his or her day sneezing, spin all the drapes once every month or two.

Baby car seats and prams

Every baby health problem starts with unhygienic practices. Your baby’s health depends on how clean his or her surrounding is. Car seats, baby prams are the places where usually germs are found. Because most babies are fed in such places, there is a strong likelihood of food being spilt.


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